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The first eight days after giving birth are called the postpartum period. What can you expect after your baby is born?

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During the postpartum period, the obstetricians are responsible for the aftercare of the mother and the child. The first eight days after giving birth, the obstetrician will regularly visit you at home, to supervise the maternity nurse. The obstetrician closely monitors the recovery of the mother and the first stages of development of the child.

In case you gave birth at the hospital under the supervision of a gynecologist, you can contact us as soon as you are going home, so that we may assist you for the rest of the postpartum period.


The follow-up takes place about 6 weeks after giving birth and is the end of the postpartum period. You can call our practice to set up an appointment when your child is about 3 weeks old.


Heel prick & Hearing test

Heel prick
Hearing test
Heel prick

Every newborn receives a heel prick in its first week. A maternity nurse will come to your home for the heel prick. She will use a special tool to prick the heel of your baby to collect a few drops of blood. If your child is at the hospital, the heel prick will be done there. After the heel prick, the blood is sent to a laboratory, where the blood will be examined. The laboratory will check for 17 rare, but serious diseases. These diseases are incurable, but if they are discovered in a timely fashion, they can be treated with the right medication or diet. That way, we can prevent or limit any damage to the development of your child. That is why it’s important for your child’s health that you participate in this examination.

The obstetrician will inform you about the heel prick between the 35th and the 37th week into the pregnancy.

Hearing test

Besides a heel prick, every newborn will get a hearing test. The hearing test is done between the fourth and the seventh day after the child is born and is done at the same time as the heel prick.


You are legally required to register your child within three days after it is born. After three days, registration is only possible with a decree from the Minister. The registration must be take place at the register office of the city where the child was born. Was your baby born in a hospital in a different city? Then it must be registered in the city of the hospital.

Who can register a child?

The child must be registered by the father or by someone who was present at the moment of birth.

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To acknowledge and register a child, you need an appointment at the registration office. You can make an appointment by calling the following number:


Phone: 14 04 92

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