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Midwives also prescribe contraception

by | Feb 28, 2016

Text: Marcel van Gerwen, Lindenberg

Midwifery Group Practice Helmond is accredited last year by the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives. This preceded a critical assessment of practice, housing, documentation and protocols. On that basis has been assigned the KNOV mark in July 2015. The hallmark guarantees that the practice meets the highest care and quality.

A first in the Helmond region

The Midwifery Group Practice Helmond is also the only one in the region that started in the past year with a clinic for contraception, from the prescription of the pill to place an IUD. It sounds contradictory that midwives include it in their mission, but Fleur de Wolf and Inge van Melis show us the logic behind it.

Quick fertile

Inge: ‘With the women we accompany nine months during pregnancy, we build a bond. We know each other and there is trust. After childbirth women are very soon fertile again. Much sooner than expected, the probability of a new pregnancy therefore very likely. But do those women like that? Women generally have some embarrassment, as a male (family) doctor to help them with something as intimate as this. Especially immigrant women may have difficulty with it. Nowadays also young girls come to us asking for contraception, they are welcome too! We can not only provide information about contraception, but also provide assistance. anyone can come to us and feel safe.’

Well trained

Fleur and Inge open a suitcase and point at the content: all kinds of contraceptives that can be applied. They are very proud of this at their practice. Fleur explains why: ‘In order to qualify, we followed a contraceptive training. Which consisted of a theoretical part, led by a gynecologist and intensive practical training by consultants of Bayer and Titus HealthCare. Which are suppliers of IUD’s. now our midwives can all put these IUDs in women who (now) do not have children. We use our ultrasound equipment to see if there is no pregnancy present. We can also see whether the IUD is inserted properly. Women themselves can watch. At a later time we can remove the IUD again and immediately give advice on preconception.’


Giving information in the specific areas of nutrition, alcohol, smoking and exercise is a key task of the Group Practice. Fleur, who hopes to give birth in April, provides an example. ‘Raw meat food is dangerous for me. Just like raw eggs and raw milk cheese. But Judith Ria’s Eetwinkel know exactly what cheese I can put on my bread and what I can put in the pasta. I also have to wash vegetables. All things you should watch out for. Lots of information can be found on our new and very complete website. Who has questions, can of course always call us. That works better than email. It’s just much more personal.’

On this site a separate page about contraception. All the facts and applications are described there.

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