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Complaints Procedures

We find good, qualitative and personal care very important. If you have a complaint about our obstetric care or about the way we treated you, we would like to invite you to discuss your complaints with the obstetrician in question first. We welcome any feedback that might help us improve our care. If for some reason a meeting cannot take place or if a meeting did not solve the problem, there is the possibility to file a complaint with the independent complaints committee of the KNOV.

Complaints procedure for obstetricians and the duty of the KNOV

The Complaints Committee of the KNOV was assigned to settle any disputes with obstetric practices, the obstetrician in question or the obstetrician at the hospital. If you do not want to file a complaint with the KNOV, than you can do so at the Regional Disciplinary Tribunal for Healthcare. The complaints committee for obstetricians of the KNOV is an independent party which, in case of a dispute, has been charged with:

  • Independent treatment of the complaint
  • Hearing both sides of the dispute
  • Deciding on the merits of the dispute
  • Advising the obstetrician or the obstetric practice

The KNOV is bound to secrecy and will not give a decision concerning any possible liability of the obstetrician or about any form of indemnification. Are you not satisfied with the decision? In that case, you can present your complaint to a body for disciplinary proceedings, such as the Regional Disciplinary Tribunal for Healthcare.

Contact information of the Complaints department of the KNOV

Here you can also request the complaints procedure:
Complaints department KNOV
Postbus 2001
3500 GA Utrecht

Telephone +31 30 2823100
E-mail: info@knov.nl

For substantive questions KNOV:
E-mail: helpdesk@knov.nl

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